The second staff addition

In our road to glory we are definitely looking for sponsors, backers and other ways to make sure we can give our players everything they need. With a team there are shirts, entry fees and other stuff what we need to pay for in a organization like this.
With all the work what needs to be done there is not enough time to also do al the PR and sales on the side. That was the moment we decided to take one more extra man on board.

Can only be one

Dumont Lenssen is his name, he is a close friend to us for a long time and even quite a good gamer. In the Netherlands he was the only one who saw something big in the game Paragon……
All jokes aside, he was quite a good fps gamer with games like BF3, R6 and COD. With his competitive gaming in mind his work on the day job and his easy talking he was really the one and only right man for the job.

Dumont, mate, welcome on the sales & pr department

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