Redbull Strijders

13th of april was the time to shine for Dutchies Esports! We were for the second time at Red Bull Strijders – Fight Club in the Esports Game Arena, and it was a freaking blast! The whole Tekken team was present to represent Dutchies Esports!
Jinne and Peter both ended up at 33th place and Corwin at 25th and to think that there were 60 contenders at event, and not your casual contenders, no really high skilled players!

It was there second fight at a big stage with all the spotlights on them and they did extremely well! We’re so proud at the guys and right after the match they told us how hard they were going to train to get better and better!


Another big thing was that we were all wearing our brand new Dutchies Esports Jersey, who are still up for sale! Soo many people aproached us asking about the t-shirts, we’ve so many new friends, new partners, new sparring partners for our team to train with, altogether it was a fantastic day for us. We would like to thank everyone who was there to support us, we would like to thank the organization for an amazing job, you have taken great care of us!

And we hope to see you all again at the next event!

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