Introducing the Dutchies staff

The Dutchies staff is integral to the succes of the organization. Each staff member offers invaluable contributions in his/her area of expertise.


MikeGeneral Manager
One of the founders and the overall manager of the Dutchies-Esports organization. Day-to-day tasks are his main responsibility.
ChrisGeneral Manager
One of the founders and also overall manager of the Dutchies-Esports organization. All the general tasks a manager has is on his agenda.
LarryWebsite & iRacing Manager
One of the Dutchies-Esports founders. Larry has stepped down as a general manager and now works on all design and website tasks. Larry is also a driver and manager of the iRacing team.
ColinStream Manager
Colin was asked to replace Jaquire aka Yato when he stepped back. Colin is a experinced streamer. The fact he’s a Dutchies member for about 7 years is only all the more reason to know what viewers want to see. Colin is responsible for the Dutchies-Esports stream and all what comes with it.
ThomasRocket League Manager
For rocket league there can be only one person and that is Thomas. With a high rank every season he know the game better then anyone. If there is something to ask you got to ask him.

Esports & Gaming

MarcelFGC Manager
Marcel has been with us almost since the beginning, has lots of fighting games experince and is a huge asset for us as an organization. Marcel is the one to talk to for all Tekken and Mortal Kombat stuff.

Esports & Gaming

SonerSSBU Manager
Soner is a player on our SSBU team, but he took the job of manager right away when he was asked to replace Sjoerd. Soner is in charge of leading the SSBU players.
PatrickEditor in Chief
Patrick aka Valk is the main person who delivers all blog and news content for our site. If there is anything to do with writing, he is the man to look for.
SaschaPodcast, Stream & Social Manager
Sascha is our podcast host but he is also a master in everything that has to do with streaming. Sascha knows what to stream and discuss in the podcast’s to keep the fans interested. He is also the man in charge of all socials and the master of our Discord.
WesleyR6 Manager
Wesely is the man in charge for the whole Rainbow Six Siege group. As a player himself for years he knows exactly what he’s doing to set-up some good teams and win those matches.
A crazy talented designer with a passion for esports. Glenn is responsible for all the cool Dutchies-Esports images you see online.

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ChrisGeneral Manager
Chris is in charge of the gaming community. He will be leading all managers and staff of Dutchies-Gaming
MikeGeneral Manager
Mike is also the general manager of Dutchies-Gaming. Together with Chris he will keep everyone focussed and sharp in their staff jobs.
YoeriRainbow Six Siege Manager
Yoeri has been with Dutchies Gaming for more several years. Although he played a huge number of fps games, R6 is the one he still actively plays and he did it since the release of the game. So if anyone knows how things work, it must be Yoeri.
JasonRocket League Manager
Jason is playing Rocket League since the beginning of the game. He has lots of experience with the game and played a lot of tournaments. If there is anything you want to know about the gaming community of Rocket League, feel free to send him a message.
LarryiRacing Manager
Larry is not only for Esports the manager of iRacing but also on the Dutchies-Gaming side of racing. Is there any question regarding racing, feel free to contact him.
JaquireSSBU Manager
Yato is a well known name in the SSBU scene so he is a perfect fit as a Dutchies-Gaming manager. He played lots and lots of live events and knows every character from inside and out.