A new staff member

Let us take a moment to introduce our newest member to the staff of Dutchies-Esports. His name is Colin but he is also known as ToxicJoda on twitch. Colin is a close friend and member for a very long time. He has played lots of shooters on ps4 but can make his stand also on pc. With all the battlefield games we played in the past, (semi)competitive and even R6 he was a base player.

About a year ago he made the choice to to what he like the most, streaming! Almost every day you can find him on his own channel to stream various game like R6 and Runscape. On all social media channels he has lots of experience and that’s what we were looking for. We decided to ask him on board and after a few conversations he accepted the invitation.

The man for the job

Colin is a expert on Twitch, twitter, youtube and other social media and is most of the time the man behind al the typing. We want to increase our viewing counts and make everything more professional. If you look at all our channel’s you can already see the impact and the difference.

Our very own social media manager, that’s what we call him. Colin, welcome aboard buddy!

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