Recap: Tekken Rumble 3

Beginning of the Tournament
Tekken rumble was finally there. Since my last performance at Force 3, I had only one purpose, to get as far a possible in the tournament. So I kept my training of perfecting my best two characters at the moment, Eddy Gordo and Lars Alexandersson. Recently, Zafina was released and started my training with her to use her in tournaments as well. She is not ready for tournaments yet, so she stays in the lab before I take her out. I did some casual training matches with Kevin and Rodney to get the right feeling of the matches before I started, and I saw many flaws that I had to correct before I started. Finally, Tekken Rumble 3 begun, and I was in Pool 3 with Pagani124, Gamer, Marlexe, ODYN and PWNYX

Pagani124 2 – 0 Lost
My first match was with Pagani, a very good Tekken payer whom I fought years ago. I have been learning to fight against Kazumi for a long time. But Kazumi’s who are more patient are still a bit difficult for me. There were many moment where I tried to catch Pagani off guard, and it worked, but I still need to learn to completely finish a round successfully. Eventually, my inpatient attitude cost me the first game 2-0 and it already didn’t look good for me in the pools

Gamer 2 – 0 Win
My next match was live on stream on the LGS Youtube channel against a Polish player named Gamer. At this point, I thought that I just had to win this match to even get a chance of making it out of my pool. On stream, I started my match against Gamer who played Josie. I have been fighting Josie for a long time, and when I first received my Dutchies Jersey on Fight session, I immediately did some matches against a Josie player to get a grasp on her fighting style. And it helped me a lot. My playstyle is mostly aggressive, making my opponents drown in thousands of mix ups. When I know my opponent can’t handle a certain mix up, I will go lose. There were times Gamer really got me good and even made a comeback, getting a round, but that didn’t stop me from going ham. After one of my most dangerous mix ups, the Helicopter in Handstand Position, I managed to win 2 – 0 on stream against Gamer. I hope I made Dutchies Esports proud for representing a player who gets stronger and stronger

Marlexe 2 – 1 Win
My next match was against Marlexe, an Alisa player. Now I do have knowledge on the Alisa match up because I play a ton of matches against KevieroB, my teammate on the Tekken Team. However, this Alisa played in such a different way I never experienced. It even cost me a match. So I adjusted myself and tried to relax, to see where his weakness lied. And eventually, I managed to win the set after finding out that he was unaware of the mix up properties of Eddy’s Handstand Position.

ODYN 2 – 0 Lost
My last match was against ODYN, who was a Paul player. I was also aware of who ODYN was because I watched his matched again one of my friends who goes by the gamertag: Ninjin. However, this match went very poorly for me. It know how to beat Paul, but I was too confident that Eddy would win because I was feeling too comfortable with him. I kept getting caught in Demolition man and Deathfist, making me guess too many mix ups. There were also many moment that I was put in minus frames and anything he did was landing. It really got on my nerves and lost my cool. I wanted to beat him with Eddy, but it was already too late. From all my matches in the tournament, this lost really got to me because my second main, Lars, is extremely good against Paul. And I kept thinking why I didn’t switch. Next time when I meet ODYN again, I will get a revenge match because I can do much, much better than I showed.

PWNYX 0 – 2
This was automatically gave me the win because this player never showed up. So with some luck, I made it out of my pool, but in the Losers bracket, meaning if I lose one more time, I am out of the tournament. I had to go full force.

Losers Bracket First match vs Kryntor 2 – 0 Win
My first loser bracket match was against Kryntor. Kevin told me he was a King player, but in this tournament, he was mostly using Negan. I have been labbing Negan since the beginning and I know how to play him as well. So I knew the match up, unfortunately, Kryntor didn’t, which means Party Mode Eddy will prevail. My First match went by really fast, even getting 2 perfects in a row. The second match, he didn’t get a round on me, but it was the same time I started to understand what he was trying to do. Kryntor was using Negan’s stance which launches when you use a low attack, and he was going for more power crushes. So I kept using mix ups to bait his launch punishable power crush and beat him fast.

Match vs Colagamer 2 – 0 Win
Now this match, was one I was really excited about. Colagamer is one of the players I have been playing the most in Tekken, usually online because we live in 2 different provinces. We always have very weird and random matches that end up in funny moments. But this time, it was serious business. It was Eddy against Hwoarang, main vs main. Now, if there is one character that is not going to beat me easily, it is Hwoarang. He used to be my main as well and I know almost all his tricks. And Eddy is a really good match up against him. I was mostly in an advantage, but Colegamer did have some comeback moments, even getting several rounds off me, but because I know Hwoarang’s moves, I know exactly when to attack and evade, making it so difficult for Colagamer to catch me off guard. Eventually after a very hype and intense match, I managed to win 2 – 0 over my friend and unfortunately, eliminated him from the tournament.

Match vs Squirrelsoup 2 – 0 Win
This match was not something I was expecting, but I was happy it happened, because if Squirrelsoup didn’t win, I had to play against a Goose Howard player, and Geese is one of the character who are difficult to beat. So this was against Squirrelsoup, another player I knew every well. He used to be an Asuka player, but he used Leo instead. Now my knowledge on Leo is 50/50, there are a lot of things I don’t know, but there are also things I know where to watch out for. This match wasn’t easy, but let’s just say that I immediately knew how to fight against him. In the match, I noticed that he tried to catch me off guard with numerous whiffs, to test my Leo knowledge. However, he didn’t know the Eddy match up, giving me the 2 – 0 win I needed to advance in the tournament.

Match vs Tanerozguner 2 – 1 Lost
This match was against Tanerozguner, an player I have know ever since Tekken was first released. He is a Kuma player I used to play a lot and it was literally 2 years since I have seen him again. We recognized each other immediately. We decided to give it everything we got, it was Kuma against Eddy, and we both didn’t know the match ups, so it was mostly Party Mode for us. This match was so evenly matched, it is a shame it wasn’t on stream. It was hype, it was fun, it was infuriating, and someone was going to be in the Top 8 Losers. First, I managed to get the first win because Taner fell a lot for my mix ups, there were moments where I was scratching my head on what I had to do, but I still prevailed. The second match was for Taner because he used different mix ups that caught me off guard. I did get him to the final round and was 1 round away from getting Losers Top 8. Unfortunately, I wanted to finish it too quickly, and fell for Bear shenanigans, making it 1 – 1 in points. The last match was really, and I mean really close. Because it was season 3, Kuma had a new move I never seen before. An awkward Front flip that leaves him extremely plus on block. I had no idea how to counter this move. I did notice that Eddy’s magic 4 could stop Kuma’s Hunting stance, but that new move of Kuma, he is able to Front Flip over Eddy’s Mid Kick, I was literally shocked to see him just jumped over my tool to stop Kuma’s stance. In the Final round, Taner got the best of me just at the end and managed to win, eliminating me from the event, and ending my run in the Top 12 of Tekken Rumble

Keep on supporting

Eventually, I was done in the tournament. I was finally eliminated from the event, and as a personal reflection of myself, I think I did really well. I managed to get farther in the tournament once again, even getting out of my pool. And in Losers Bracket, I played the best I think I ever did now. There are of course match ups I need to work on, and my playstyle needs some major improvement, but like I always keep telling myself, I keep striving for better results and a more solid playstyle. My run was over, and because I was mostly busy with my own matches, I wasn’t able to support many of my teammates who were there, Petriggity, KevieroB010, Promariokartplayer and Ravenous. Ravenous was still in the tournament and even managed to get top 4 after beating Art of Ace in winners. I wanted to give my teammate the most support I could give so that he could win for Dutchies Esports, without making him too nervous. Unfortunately, he lost to Silent Killer in a hype match and Art of Ace in a run back in Losers Bracket, but I am proud of myself, and all of my teammates for getting so far in the tournament. I team is growing in strength, experience and support. Our next stop is Berlin Tekken Clash where I hope we can do another great job of getting out of pools and further into the tournament.

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