Syndicate 2019

Syndicate is a huge event for the Super Smash Bros community, but they decided also to put also a Tekken and Mortal Kombat competition which Mortal Kombat got cancellen since there were almost no attendees for it. The event was being held in Utrecht and was a 5 minute walk from the centrale station. The venue looked really nice and stacked. The Tekken corner looked really good to. With 4 pools with a total of 22 attendees, I was really to kick some ass.

Pools Game 1 vs Mo Nani

Mo Nani is a Lee player that plays a lot online. He wanted to test his skills in this event. I never played against a Lee player but I did some labbing so I could play against it more comfortable. The first round was not so good. Got hit many by his slides, got trapped at his wall techs and no punishing on his move. It was a quick round loss and Mo got the 0-1 lead. After calming myself down and recollected my mindset. I was reflecting on the first round what exactly happened. After going through all that, I went to stage select and choose an infinite stage. The second round began in my favor. Got the perfect spacing, chipped slowly his lifebar and punished his moves. However, Mo started to adept his gameplan and started to be more aggresive and forcing more crouch mixups. He made a strong comeback because of my mistakes and he won in the end the second round and also the match. Despise of the lack of the match up knowledge, I was still satisfied that I was still able to put up a fight. I will definetally lab Lee more and prepare myself if I ever face him again. Good games Mo Nani.

Pools Game 2 vs ShinonMarks

My second pools game was against ShinonMarks that plays Jin. He had a fighting stick with him so I was preparing myself for a lot of movement. As the first round started, I noticed he had no backdash and stood most part still. I tested first if he can react to certain lows and how he will react to certain moves. After testing him, I had the complete download and attacked his weak points that gave me the quick first round. The second round was no difference. Rushed him down and also baited him a lot. The second round ended also quickly and gave me this fast match. It appeared he was not familiar with Alisa and didn’t knew how to handle it. Good games.

Pools Game 3 vs Peridot.

My third pools game was against Peridot that plays Asuka. Asuka is a populair character in the Dutch scène so I was very familiar with the match up. I also played against him before the tournament started. The only thing is that I’ve Katarina back then in casuals. So he didn’t knew that I was an Alisa player. Before the match started, he told me that he got his ass kicked by an Alisa player. It was an usefull information that I got. But for now let’s focus on this match. The first round was in my favor because I know his playstyle. Baited out most of his moves, chipped away his lifebar with many lows and punishing the moves. The second round he became more aggresive but that didn’t bothered me. Just by staying calm, I’ve handled many situations perfectly and gave me this rounds win and the match. After the match he asked me that I picked Alisa only because he told me about the other Alisa player. I kindly replied that Alisa is my main. Good games.

Pools Game 4 vs Guran.

Guran is the other Alisa player that Peridot told me about. At first I wasn’t sure if I should go for the mirror match because I lost a mirror match before that got me down for a long time. But I’ve played many mirror matches after that so I should be able to handle it better now. The first set was weird if u tell me. It was clearly I had the upper hand but it was just weird to see many plays U do also used against me. But by keeping myself calm, I took in the end the first round. The second round went a little better. Ducked many of his running moves. Reacted to certain lows and stepped his moves. This match also ended with a win. I was so glad to win a mirror match in tournament play. Good games.

Pools Game 5 vs J-Katz.

Last pool game was against J-Katz that was a Kuma player. I play this game whole my life and I still have no idea how bears works. The only thing I could to was play very safe. The first round was really close. I was checking and turtling a lot while giving small pokes. What keeps me scared everytime is that bears has huge range so they can hit u from pretty far. After a long first round battle, I was able to take the first round. I was taking a huge breather back then and trying to calm down myself and re-collecting my mindset. After that was done, we headed straight to round 2. The second round is propably my biggest win ever. Early game I had total control of the match. But the moment I had match point for closing it out, J-Katz started to go wild like a true beer and almost forced a game 3. J-Katz was able to get the huge launch to able to force game 3 and was 1 hit away after the combo. While lying on the ground after the juggle. I took a huge risk and went for the spring kick. J-Katz tried to close it out with his FF2 move, but because I went for the spring kick. My legs evaded the FF2 move and with a nice slowmo, the spring kick hit the Kuma and saw the 2 magical letters, “K.O.”. It was such a relive to win such a nerve breaking battle. I shook his hand with my both hands because that was propably my biggest match for qualifing top 8. And with the total score of 4-1, I’ve qualified myself into top 8 losers side on Syndicate day 2.


Syndicate day 2 was like the first day very stacked with Smash players since their game was the main event. But that was not the reason I was here. While heading my to the Tekken Stage, I already saw some top 8 contenders like Malekith and ArtofAce of the Dutch Brawlers. I also saw my opponent Kalus practicing. I only looked what he was doing so I could get the advantage. Since he could also studied my main, I decided to go for an other character for that match. Later the stream technicion asked us players if all matches could be a best of five. We agreed the offer and ready to play the top 8.

Top 8 for 7th place vs Kalus

Kalus is a French Asuka player. Since I got to see him play and also spectated him while he was in practice mode. I know exactly what he is after. My mindset was already made and went for an other character. While Kalus went straight to Asuka, I went straight into Katarina. The first round was a strong and defensive game from myself. Since Asuka is a defensive character, I was baiting his moves out and reading the moment he would step forward for my range moves. By following these condition, I took the first round and the second round the same thing. I was 1 round away for advancing further into the top 6. Kalus went to character select and went straight into Lucky Chloe. The moment I saw that, it made me smile. The third match was not so well. I was at some moments to inpatienced and got hit by many counter hits. It was also a fact that my Lucky Chloe match up with Katarina was not good that game that also got me the loss of this round. I wasn’t really in panic. By calming myself down and reflecting what happened that game, I made a new plan and preparing myself for the fourth round. The fourth round was again in my favor. With my new gameplan I thought about during the break was a huge succes. Eliminated many of his options that lead me in the end with the 3-1 match points win. Kalus asked me why I didn’t went to Alisa after that game loss. I replied that it was just a game loss and took also the change to learn the match up more with Katarina. With that win, I advanced to losers quarters.

Final Match

Top 8 for 5th place vs Kertia.

Kertia is a young talented players that should not be taking lightly. He always trains with me every friday at De Loods in Almere. I knew he would go with Dragunov. I’m familiar with the match up thanks to a friend of my. The first set was really close till final round. We both were very patienced and trying to bait each other. I became nerfes the we played. Started using wrong punishers and with that I gave the game away. After re-collecting my mind and taking huge breathers, I went to stage select and went to an infinite stage. The second round was in my huge favor early game. My new gameplan worked totally. But what happened was that I became too inpatienced and became too aggresive. With that I also gave the second round away. I decided for a character switch and choose Julia. Maybe that playing an other character will calm me down more. Third round was played at Forgotton Realm, a stage wh ere Julia is very strong with her floor breaking throws. I made the right choice for picking Julia. I felt very comfortable with her. But luck didn’t seems to work this time for me because of crucial combo drops and not getting the wallsplat after the B2+4 throw. I lost the entire match with 0-3 and out of the tournament with 5th place. I need to redo the Punishment training against Dragunov and keep myself more cool. You win some, you learn some. Good games Kertia.

The moment the grand finals was over between Malekith and ArtofAce. The top 8 prize ceremony was about to happen. I received my 5th place medal that also became my first physical prize in my Tekken career. If Syndicate ever gonna hold another Tekken event. I definitely will come back and trying to reach higher next time. Good games everyone and untill next time.

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