Recap: Superbou – Barcelona

Last thursday, the 29th of August, I went to Barcelona to attend a European Smash Melee major with more than 180 attendees competing in this old but very good game. If you have never heard of Melee before I recommend you to watch the Smash Documentary made by Travis ‘Samox’ Beauchamp, where the community is beautifully explained and a couple of key figures in the scene are looked at closely.
Anyway, as I was saying, that Thursday I flew to Barcelona around 10:15 and arrived at the venue at 15:30 by taking the public transport. First impression? Not that good. The venue was an hostel which was shabby looking, the venue itself looked small and the restaurant located there was overpriced as hell (9 euros for a frozen pizza, come on man). The seeding hadn’t been done yet as well which made it look all the more shady. Luckily some of my dutch melee brethren arrived to play some melee, swim in the pool and drink some beers. To our disappointment, the setups would arrive on friday and weren’t set up yet. So we drank beers and swam that day mostly.

The day after (friday) the seeding got announced, but guess what; the seeding was randomized. People were criminally underseeded (or overseeded) and there were regional clashes everywhere to be seen. A lot of foreign TO’s tried to help that day but would not get a single response until later that day. That day was the most chaotic of the whole day in this regard, although we just chilled and played our favorite game, we were all scared that nothing would get changed. Luckily, it did get changed and I want to thank Teroz for helping the Superbou TO team and all other regional TO’s for helping them with their seeding.
I got seeded 5th in my RR (round-robin) pool of 11 players. Probably underseeded by quite a margin but I promised myself that I would get at least 3rd in my pool.

Well guess what, I got third in my pool! The following day (saturday) singles began and I won all of my matches who were 3rd seed or lower with a 2-0 in games. The 2nd and 1st seed however were a bit tougher. The first seed was a UK falco main named Frenzy who has been on the rise and is a top 10 player in Europe. My second seed was a Cptn. Falcon main named SchlimmShady from Germany. I had a respectable match against Frenzy, but got bopped by SchlimmShady. I’ll try to do better next time. The top 4 of the pool were allowed to go to the top 64 bracket.
The same day was doubles bracket as well, where I teamed with Yogurt (an austrian Marth main). We did pretty okay. We could have done better but it was the first time teaming with each other. We got 13th out of 53 teams.
After doubles finished top 64 bracket began. In WR 1 I had to play Malmortis, an extremely good Fox player from Spain who had the upper hand both games. I did not expect to win, but kept it reasonably close, especially the amount of practice most spanish players have against the character I play (Donkey Kong). So with an head held up high I went into losers against a Peach player called ShaistheYoung(?). This MU is really scary, but this is because I’m used to play against a really good Peach player in NL, named FoutNL. Compared to him this Peach was not as good, so I won my games with no sweat 2-0 and went to top 32 qualifiers.
At this point I met my kryptonite, a laser camping Falco who utterly destroyed me game 1. Out of anger I switched to another character but to no avail, I lost 2-0 and was out at 33rd of 180 entrants. I think I can do a lot better next time, but I’m already very happy that I exceeded expectations of the seeding and got a lot higher than expected.
The rest of the day I drank beer, played basketball, played friendlies and met a lot of great people (shoutouts to the Germans I played with).
Sunday I left with a couple of other dutch players, since I had university starting the following day.


I want to thank the Superbou TO team for turning my expectations of thursday into a great experience! The tourney itself runned really well and top 8 was hype as heck! I also want to thank all other dutch players for coming to Superbou and making my time even more enjoyable. Shoutouts to DutchiesEsports for cheering me on via Whatsapp and believing in me. And as last, shoutouts to all the players I met and the stories I heard from them!


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