Launch event

It is about 3 weeks ago that we had our amazing launch event of Dutchies Gaming (12th of September). We celebrated it by streaming almost all our games during the day with awesome giveaways like discount codes, vouchers and even a hoodie.

With this event we combined the vision of Esports with the community of Gaming. We did so with a brand new website ( completely in the same style as Esports. By doing this we also made the step to embrace Discord and implement it completely. This makes it possible to talk and even play and learn from the Esports members while being a member of Gaming.

During this weekend we also kicked off with our brand new “stream team”. This team consists of members from both Esports and Gaming who like to stream or play tournaments (Esports only). But we also create an platform to broadcast tournaments from members like Dutch Ass Dragonball, the Rocket League tournament, iRacing tournaments and also our in house Rainbow 6 Siege tournament.

Join our community now!

With the new Gaming we become multi platform due to the fact that not all supported games are playable on PS4 (Gaming was previously a PS4 only community). We are looking for members on all our freshly supported games. So when you want to play for and with Dutchies don’t hesitate and head over to the gaming page and sign up now! (Dutch speaking players only)


When you would like to be up to date, follow the socials of Gaming and Esports. Also keep supporting us on Twitch where we also stream games currently not supported by Dutchies. Let us know your thoughts in the chat on stream or by sending DM’s on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Dutchies-Esports Twitter