Brussels Challenge: Road to EVO

On June 23rd Petriggity, and KevieroBosconovitch010 proudly represented Dutchies Esports at the “Brussels Challenge: Road to Evo” tournament. This marked Keviero’s first tournament abroad, as well as his first tournament as a Dutchies player. After a long two-hour journey, the gentlemen arrived at their destination. After warming up and playing some casual games, Keviero and Petriggity discussed game plans for the characters they had encountered.

Once the final brackets were set, it was time to get ready for the next battle! Sadly, Petriggity’s run was short-lived, but KevieroBosconovitch010 managed to nearly make it out of his pool using only Alisa. Not bad for his first tournament abroad!


Winners Round 1
Keviero’s first opponent was an Akuma player named MSCMOT. The first game started off well, Keviero took the first 2 rounds with spacing, good punishment and momentum on his side. Things took a turn for the worse in the following round. Keviero: “I wasn’t paying enough attention to Akuma’s bars and that was the moment when the match got turned around, causing me to lose the first game.” In the second game MSCMOT started using mix-ups and setups that caught Keviero off guard. Keviero: “I’ve never experienced these mix-ups and setups before. This match has made me realize that I’ve never played against an Akuma with high execution and setups. I made a note to remind me to lab Akuma and look into the setups and mix-ups that MSCMOT used.” Keviero lost the set 0-2 and was sent to the losers bracket.

Losers round 2
ASilentBreeze, an Asuka player, was Keviero’s next opponent. The Netherlands has a lot of Asuka players, so Keviero was more than familiar with the match up. The first game was a quick one. ASilentBreeze was finishing a lot of unsafe strings on block, which allowed for easy punishment and big damage. After taking the first game, Keviero used the momentum to take complete control of the second game. Keviero: “My opponent didn’t press as many buttons as he did in the first game. This allowed me to start my poking game more easily.” Keviero gives credit to the Dutch Asuka players for giving him the necessary experience to win the set: “I want to give a shout out to all the Dutch Asuka players!”

Losers round 3
The second opponent in the losers bracket was Ako, a French player who is usually a Heihachi main. However, Keviero won the coin flip and claimed P2 side since Mishima players often prefer that side. Because of that, Ako went with Katarina instead. Keviero: “I noticed he was rushing in a lot, so what I did was just backdash and let him hang himself. Since I’m also familiar with Katarina, I knew how to properly punish his mistakes.” After a long fight, Keviero won in the end with a 2-0 score. “For this match I want to give a shout out to Miso from TDB for the Katarina lessons.”

Losers round 4
Keviero’s final opponent was a Kazuya player named Ricochet. Keviero: “Kazuya is a powerful character that you need to finish off as quickly as possible, but at the same time you don’t want to push it too far or you’ll risk getting counter hit for huge damage.” This time the opponent won the coin flip and claimed the P2 side. In the first game, Keviero got caught by multiple electrics and 2 crucial counter hit launchers, causing him to lose. The second game went better, but in the end Ricochet emerged victorious.

“The four tough matches I played at Brussels Challenge made me realize how important fundamentals like Korean backdashing are, and that I need more character match up knowledge.” Keviero ended up 17th out of 57 players. Although he feels like he could have done better, he is determined to get better: “This was just the beginning!”

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