AFK Esports Rotterdam returned on Saturday July 27th with the 4th edition of “Revival”, a returning multi-game tournament with space for up to 150 players in the venue players have all come to know by now: HipHopHuis Rotterdam. Dutchies was represented by multiple players in the Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Tekken 7, and Mortal Kombat 11 tournaments.

SSB Ultimate (Azrael & Yatogami)

Azrael and Yatogami represented Dutchies at this edition of Revival and both finished the tournament with very respectable results. Yatogami choose to use Mario more than his main (Lucina) because the tournament didn’t count for the Power Ranking. This gave him a great opportunity to experiment a bit more. Azrael stuck with his main(s) Cloud and Wolf.

Yataogami ended 9th after losing to fellow teammate Azrael and later to Antireflex, two very strong players. Yatogami: “Now that the tournament is over, I’m going to focus on the last season 2 Power Ranking tournaments. The lions roar all day!” Azrael made it all the way to losers semi-finals before being eliminated by a player called “Zo…”, who managed to defeat Azrael twice.

Mortal Kombat 11 (Masher & Virus)

Masher and Virus both entered the Mortal Kombat 11 tournament at Revival IV. Virus has recently been struggling with tournament nerves, and his main goal for this tournament was to overcome them and make progress. The tournament started out rough for him: “My first match was against Q_Quagmire0. Right away, my nerves came into play, which lead to a lot of combo drops. I was telling myself I could do it, but unfortunately the nerves really killed me and I lost the match.”

Things didn’t get much easier for Virus in the losers side, where he lost to JERA033 and was eliminated from the tournament. Virus: “Overall it was still a great experience for me. Winning or losing, either way, I know I have to deal with my tournament nerves. If i can deal with that, I’ll start doing a lot better. I’ll keep pushing forward and participate in more tournaments until I overcome this. I won’t stop!”

Revival IV was the second time Masher had attended a Dutch local and his first offline showing since the release of Mortal Kombat 11. Masher had already established himself as a player to look out for in the Dutch Fight Night online tournaments, and was expected to make it far in this tournament.

Masher: “The game is completely different (better!) offline, and after playing a couple of casual games, I was feeling confident that I could make it far with Cetrion.” It didn’t take long for Masher to make it into top 8, where he would face Dalphanate and Dio, and defeat both of them, securing his spot in grand finals on the winners side of the bracket.

In grand finals Masher would take on Taco in two very long sets. Masher: “I clearly wasn’t prepared enough for a good Dead of Winter Sub-Zero, and lost two 3-1 sets. I finished 2nd.” Although he didn’t get the tournament win, Masher showed that he is a force to be reckoned with in the Dutch Mortal Kombat 11 scene.

Masher: “I can’t be salty about this loss. I need to get back on my feet and find an answer for Sub-Zero. Soon I’ll be at Celtic Throwdown, and the way I played today makes me confident that I’ll be able to perform well there. Of course I’m going for the win, but I’ll be happy with top 16 or better.”

Tekken 7 (KevieroBosconovitch010)

Revival IV took place in Rotterdam, Keviero’s hometown. After arriving at the venue early, he played some casual matches to warm up and get ready for the tournament. In round one, he faced BigmanX, another player from Rotterdam who Keviero is quite familiar with. The set started off well, with Keviero using spacing and correctly ducking key strings. However, BigmanX adapted quite well and Keviero wasn’t able to adjust quick enough. Keviero: “I’m not happy with the results, so I have te re-lab Miguel. I was a bit frustrated, because I know I could have done better.”

Down in the losers bracket, Keviero faced JDoubleC, a player for Dutch Brawlers. Keviero: “The first set I decided to observe his Josie more while keeping my spacing and being ready for the punishable moves. Jay also got some good momentum, but i was just a few steps ahead.” Keviero took the set 2-0 and moved on to fight KarmaKens, a strong Armor King main. Keviero: “The first game was for me terrible. In the firsts rounds we went toe-to-toe against each other until he started to grab me. I didn’t break a single throw and that costed me. In the end I wasn’t able to beat him.”  Keviero placed 17th place out of 34.

Keviero: “I guess it just wasn’t my day at Revival, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t things to learn. I’ll continue to keep my head up, have fun with friends and continue to prepare myself for the next tournament!”

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