Our 5th game

In the background was Larry (our esports manager) working his ass off to get to a high level in iRacing. iRacing is a subscription based game and the costs can add up real fast. That said it means that only real dedicated and fair people will play the game. The game is known for its high level racing and the closest you can get to a real race car and a real driving experience.

You work your way up from the rookie level to level E-D-C-B and last of them to A-Class, A is the highest level you can achieve as a semi-pro driver. At this moment he is driving in the multiclass series IMSA on the B-Class but it’s only a matter of time when A-Class is a fact.

Larry is considered as a fair and honest driver, he only goes for a overtake when he knows for sure it can be nailed. The aim for now is to compete in the 24h race of Spa Francorchamps in July of this year, it would be awesome if Larry could attend. He is gathering a team to make this possible in the first place.

New platform

iRacing is also the first non-ps4 game as it’s only available on pc. For us it’s a new milestone in our road to glory with Dutchies-Esports. This also means that we can stream on twitch with all the overlays and so on to make it more spicy to watch.

Welcome to Dutchies-Esports Larry!

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