Sealed, signed and delivered

To play at Dutchies Esports and to become part of the team you will have to sign a contract. It’s not the most heavy contract but it’s the agreement of both sides to set a long term collaboration. Just to make sure we and them have a base to start on. It’s a coincidence for sure that al of the fighting boys, Tekken and Mortal Kombat are living close by each other.

With that in mind one of the managers close by could meet up with them with the contracts and made them sign it one by one.

Special moment

For us and for them it was a very special moment. For us it was the first time it all looked very real. We started Dutchies Esports with R6 but never taught it would have this pace and made us take on fighting games.
For them it was special because they were the first to sign, to have the feeling it was real. But also and by far the most special feeling to come out for the only Dutch Esports organization.

Have some nice matches and wins boys!

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