Mortal Kombat 11 béta

Many months ago, before Dutchies Esports was being created, we knew we wanted to add a roster of fighting gaming players.

Luckily one of our Esport Managers, Rei_Miguel (Mike) is a fighting game enthusiast.
Although never an competitive fighting game player himself, he always was interested and was following the competitive scene in the FGC. (Fighting Game Community) for years.

Rei_Miguel did however played First Person Shooters competitively for over 15 years.
So he took his experience en tried to use it for a new adventure.

He and his friend, R1f0l (Sjoerd) , an fellow FGC fan and great player, decided to absolutely go ham on their favorite fighting game franchise of all: Mortal Kombat.
And they did exactly that.

Because of the deeply complex nature of competitive Fighting Games, they decided to use the current Mortal Kombat, MKX, solely for practice and start competitive play on the upcoming MK11. On MKX they spend most of their time (training mode and online) practicing their combo-execution and fundamentals.

And because MK11 will be more of a tactical mid-range game then its predecessor. They also played a bit of Street Fighter V to master the art of “Footsies” and playing the “neutral”.

They also , in addition, went to our newly recruited Tekken team. For general advice. Those guys are playing Tekken since the early 90ies.
And even though Tekken is an completely different fighting game. They had some awesome general advice to give.

And last but not least, they have seen so many hours of tournament play, they can see it in their sleep.


Now months and months and hunderds of hours of training and prepping later, it’s finally time for them to show the fruits of their labour.
The closed BETA of MK11 will be the first event they will be showing their skills and they will be learning the new combo’s and mechanics of MK11.

And after the release of MK11 in april. They are going to play tons and tons of tournaments.

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