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Member & Patreon Meeting

Member & Patreon Meeting Strijders van Dutchies Esports en Patreons, Medical Mask Male Enhancement [...]

12 Hours of Bathrust

12 Hours of Bathrust Almost 6 months passed after the 24h of Spa race. [...]

Recap: Syndicate 2019

Syndicate 2019 Syndicate is a huge event for the Super Smash Bros community, but [...]

Recap: Tekken Rumble 3

Recap: Tekken Rumble 3 Beginning of the Tournament Tekken rumble was finally there. Since my [...]


Merchandise! It´s finally here, our own Esport jersey. We are so proud to show it [...]

Recap: VSFighting

Earlier this month, CorleoneMatt traveled to Birmingham, UK to compete at the VSFighting Tekken [...]

First tournament win

Our first win Finaly!! We did it. After several weeks of builing the team, with [...]

Mortal Kombat 11 béta

Mortal Kombat 11 béta Many months ago, before Dutchies Esports was being created, we knew [...]


LIVE Event – RedBull Strijders On Saturday the 9th of February we attended with our [...]

Our 5th game

Our 5th game In the background was Larry (our esports manager) working his ass off [...]

New signings

Sealed, signed and delivered To play at Dutchies Esports and to become part of the [...]

Staff addition

A new staff member Let us take a moment to introduce our newest member to [...]


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