A new face

Dutchies Esports is proud to announce that Itami is the newest addition to our Smash Bros. roster. We asked him what motivates him to compete in Smash Bros. Itami: “My motivation stems from the existence of Dutchies Esports. I was inactive within the competitive Smash scene for a long time, but thanks to Dutchies and what they offer to their players, I decided to return to the frey”. Be prepared for his return within the competitive scene!

Of course we were also interested why Itami chose Ness as his main character. “I have a passionate love for Earthbound, and Ness is that game’s main character! Alongside being a big Earthbound fan, I adore Ness’ movement options in Smash Bros”. We’re looking forward to seeing him compete among the very best!

Itami’s history with Smash Bros. started with him playing the game because of one of his friends, Dennis “iStudying” Kwarteng. They have been playing Smash Bros. since they were young kids. Itami also knew that iStudying’s career really took off with Smash Bros. Brawl. At one point Itami started talking about the soon to be released new Smash Bros. game for the 3DS. iStudying gave him the game as a present as both of them wanted to play it on release. This was before Itami started to play competitively.

With the release of Smash Bros. on the 3DS, Itami got in touch with a few of iStudying’s friends who were also Smash fanatics. This was when he met Gregs & Skippo, well-known names to this day in the competitive Smash scene. This being the first time Itami had had met real competitive Smash players, he noticed right away how hard it was to play against them.

Itami: “I got inspired by them and it was a source of inspiration to take Smash Bros. more seriously. Every Friday there was a Smashfest (a group of players gathering to play Smash) and this was the perfect moment to get some practice in”. Itami took this chance to improve as much as possible and met more players to practice with.


Itami got more and more motivated to get to the same competitive level the as his friends. iStudying had helped him a lot by teaching him the Smash fundamentals. This allowed Itami to get more and more in touch with the bigger picture of the Smash community and really see it for what it is: a welcoming family full of passionate players, all coming together to play their favorite game.

We wish Itami the best of luck in his Smash career and we can’t wait to grow along with him! Welcome to the team, Itami!

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