Our first win

Finaly!! We did it.
After several weeks of builing the team, with some goodbyes, some players who left and some substitutes we had a real base team for the first time since we started. Every week a trounement entry, several times a week a long training and also sort of back to school to learn all the callouts and tactics with eachoter.
After all that time and effort we managed to win the Kayzr weekly tournament. This win in a long night of epic battles, and i mean real epic battles resulted even in a promotion to the A-Division of the league.

Every single match we played were goine up and down between both team, even though we needed some big comebacks almost every match ended till the very last round wich was possible. With the last match ending even around 1am in the middle of the night we finaly did it, we took the win. For us as organization the proof we are on track of all we want to accomplish. For the players the taste and hunger for more wins, more epic battles and even bigger tournaments.

We keep on going

With all this in mind we’re gonna play defenitly in the Kayzr weekly tournament on every monday but also we decided to sign up for the official esl tournaments and matches on sunday’s so yes you are gonna see us more and more.

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