Dutchies and COVID-19

The world is changing, every company is struggling to keep itself healthy. Sport clubs are constantly in fear of being shut down or not being able to compete anymore. Dutchies feels these changes as well. We are not able to go to live events, we cannot organise meetings and we need to shift our priorities. 

As a gaming community you may expect that everything continues the way it was because most of the time you play games at home while staying connected by party chat, Discord or other voice chat programs (you can join our Discord as a community member with the following link: Discord invite, be aware that you are not a member of Gaming by following this link). But for our esports guys in the fighting scene it is hard to play online. All the timing for certain moves can be counted when playing offline but when playing online this is much harder due to the fact there is always a delay. 

We also regret that the events like firstlook, comic con, etc. were cancelled. These events are great opportunities to meet each other and even an opportunity to play on stage for some games. 

Effect on our games

Our Siege and Rocket League teams are less effected by COVID-19 due to the fact that almost all tournaments are online with only very limited offline tournaments. It was a shame that the very first siege offline tournament was cancelled but fortunately the tournament will still be played online. Rocket League had more offline tournaments but they are also changed to online tournaments. 

iRacing is almost the only game that isn’t effected at all. This is due to the fact that all racers have a dedicated setup at home which is hard to take with you to an offline race. Most of the races are also solo races (it can be with a team but for individual results) which makes it less attractive to host an offline event. 

Effect on leading Dutchies

Our leaders, for both Esports and Gaming, also noticed changes in priorities but also opportunities. For example we designed our own mouth masks (unfortunately the masks are sold out for now). 

By changing priorities we shifted from full Esports to a combination of Esports and Gaming (read all about it in this article). So we are definitely not sitting on the couch and waiting for the pandemic to be over but we took the opportunity to prepare ourself for when we can again organise meetings, events and compete offline again. 

For now, stay safe and healthy and we hope to see u all again on the field, track or shooting range soon.