Content Manager

With the fast growing social followers and growing flow of in-game footage of our players, we could not handle it for ourselves anymore. It was time to look for a staff addition to help us out with some of these tasks.

In our search for a new staff member we all unanimously agreed that Stefan is the one! Stefan was already doing a lot on the editing side of the video’s uploaded by the members. Stefan has also been a gamer for years and years, so he knows all the ins and outs of the game. That also means that he knows what the viewer likes to see.

On top of that, he’s recently been added to the Rainbow Six Siege Esport team as a permanent team member and signed his contract. So in both ways we are proud to have him on board!

Main task

Stefan is  responsible for the constant flow of in-game footage and the editing of it for social media. Getting all the footage is a main task in itself, so we are more than thrilled to have him on board.

Welcome, Stefan!

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