Bring the Brutality

On saturday the 4th of may 2019 , our Mortal Kombat players Rei_Miguel (Mike) and R10fl (Sjoerd)  participated in their first ever live event.

They went to the HipHopHuis in Rotterdam. Here the “Bring The Brutality” MK11 tournament was taking place.  This event was hosted by AFK-Esports.

The venue was amazing and had an awesome feel to it. A lot of amazing French, Belgian and Dutch Mortal Kombat players were there and they all were very friendly and welcoming. Even though it was their first tournament they felt right at home.  Also the people from AFK-Esports were very welcoming and great guys.

Rei_Miguel and R1f0l practiced for a few hours, talked to a lot of Kombatants.

And then the Bracket was announced!


R1f0l was matched against Unknown. R1f0l played with Scorpion and Unknown played Kabal.  The matches were close and R1f0l took a round and played solid but eventually, Unkown did send R10fl to the Losers Bracket.

Rei_Miguel was matched against non other than top player Taco, on stage, on stream!  A real baptism by fire.

Rei_Miguel did his best in a Sub Zero mirror match but could not beat the greatest Sub Zero player around.  Taco beat Rei 3-0. And even though he was nervous and made punishable mistakes. (No more ice ball on block! #hitconfirm)  He was very happy that his first match was against Taco. He learned a lot.

In the Losers Bracket R1f0l faced against Futara_Lab. A great Frost main.  And the only Frost player at the tournament.

Futuara and R1f0l practiced together before the tournament started, so R1f0l knew he was up for a challenge. He did not know the match up very well but he went all-in and went for it.

Futura did beat R1f0l and send him out of the tournament.  Great games!

Rei_Miguel faced YoAfroEddie in the Losers Bracket. YoAfroEddie played with Jade. A great zoning and keep-away character.  And Eddy is a great player.

Rei_Miguel managed to take one round, and had some close games. But the lack of the match-up knowledge and the great skill of Eddie did result in another loss for Rei_Miguel.

Even though they lost. Both our players loved the event.

Their first time sure, but definitely not their last! They will be training and grinding a lot.

You will be seeing a lot more of our players and Dutchies Esports in the Mortal Kombat 11 competitive scene!


Shout-out to our Tekken players Yin2000NL and Petriggity! They came to the venue, showed off our new Esports Jersey’s  aaand most importantly, cheered us on,  every single match.

Also ToxicJoda a.k.a. Colin, our stream manager was there to support us.  Thanks mate!

Also an Shoutout to KeveiroBosconovitch010. A Tekken player and great guy we first met at the Red Bull Strijders event. Keveiro supported us at the event.

And a massive shout out to everyone at the tournament , especially the guys from AFK-Esports.

Congratulations to HappyPow! Winning in the Grand Finals.

And congratulations to the Dutch team on the win versus the French team 😉 Go NL! 

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