About Us

Dutchies Esports is a new chapter and a Esports only big brother of Dutchies Gaming. Dutchies gaming was established in 2012 and has played lots of games on PS4 only. Online and offline is `gaming´ a reputable name in the Netherlands. In our hearts we are huge battlefield fans, but DICE is not our best friend.

In 2018 we decided to start Dutchies Esports and make it separate from the gaming community. A self sufficient team with only the best of the best and those players are more then proud te be part of the team. At this point we are playing Rainbow Six Siege (ps4), Rocket League (pc/ps4), iRacing (pc), Mortal Kombat (ps4), Super Smash Bros. Melee (gamecube), Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (switch) and Tekken (ps4), but behind the scenes we are building towards more games and also other platforms.

If you want to join Dutchies Gaming please go to www.dutchiesgaming.nl and sign up (dutch only)