12 Hours of Bathrust

Almost 6 months passed after the 24h of Spa race. All of our drivers were busy with private stuff or just taking a little break from iRacing. We never lost touch with each other, so we were ready for the next Special Events. The first one was the 12 hours of Bathrust (Mount Panorama). This is the toughest track, at least on paper.
Bathrust has a few long straits but is known for it’s narrow steep climb and even steeper downhill section.

In the preparation of the event we came to one conclusion. If we could do 1 stint per driver we would be happy. That was our goal. We knew that getting to the finish line, probably would be a bridge to far this time. If only for the lack of tracktime for us all on iRacing the last couple of months.

We starting training hard. Especialy the last two weeks we were training our wheels off to get some pace and gather some usable data. After about 400 laps made per driver, creating tactics and a healthy dose of nerves we started on the 12h race.

We started with team of 3 drivers.

Marcel was the first to race and he started good after he did the qualy on P6. The first few stints are always very
chaotic, but Marcel did a good job and managed to get trough the first hour with only a few small scratches. The second stint Larry took over and with a small mistake in the first corner he also managed to make it safely tot the end of the stint. The 3th stint was the one from Martijn and man, he had some awesome and clean pace!

And with that we reached our own goal! We all did a stint and we were still driving. Already we were doing better then expected.

We continued the race with some minor incidents and therefore we lost some time. Around the half way point of the race we were sitting safely around P(position) 5. Slowly and safely we were catching up with the with the drivers ahead. They were making mistakes wich we took advantage of.

There was around 3 hours to go and we had P2! Yes, we had P2! P1 was elusive and we set our goal to stay in P2. But then, with 2 hours to go, something happend, something what we did not expect.

P1 crashed!

Very unfortunate for them… but we had it! WE HAD P1! Now we had to defend that spot. With the number 2 only a few seconds behind it was far from over.

Final Stretch

After some tactical debate between the 3 of us, we decided to let Marcel do the double stint at the end. And to make a pitstop without changing tyres!

It was a risk, Marcel was already driving quite a while, he was getting tired and he could start to make some mistakes, plus we didn’t know how the tyres would preform in such a long stint..But we all agreed, it was all or nothing!
And it worked! After the pitstop we were about a minute ahead. Marcel did a extraordinary job. He lost a little per lap, all to get safely around and to overtake the backmarkers.

And there it was, the checkered flag, we did it, we won! We were buzzed, we couldn’t believe it! it was only our second endurance race as a team and also one of the toughest. But we won!

We want to say a special thanks to all the support on- and off stream, it really gave us wings and motivated us. We can’t wait untill the next one!

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